Mission Statement

Emmaus Bible College Athletics seeks to develop a community of Christians that come together to play a sport with the main goal of representing Jesus Christ with our actions, words, and work ethic. A path towards achieving this goal includes but is not limited to:

  • having and maintaining a positive attitude during all practices and games;
  • showing respect for coaches by listening without fail and submitting to their authority; 
  • showing respect for teammates by being a servant and placing other's needs ahead of one's own and encouraging them when needed; 
  • showing respect for the referees' by not arguing or complaining and refraining from discouraging or un-Christ like language; 
  • showing respect for your opponent by displaying a level of civility, regardless of their actions towards you or a teammate; 
  • assisting when needed with equipment or practice gear without being prompted; 
  • being an example off the court to your fellow students and brothers and sisters in Christ by keeping up with your studies and refraining from ill-advised behavior.

Do you have a question about our mission and its implementation? Feel free to contact us.